Ipari és Kereskedelmi Kft

7150 Bonyhád
Perczel u. 133.

telephone: + 36 74/550-560
fax:       + 36 74/550-569



Bonyhád Agricultural Machine Manufacturing Company
Established: 1986

Tax Reference:

Company Number:
17 09-001579

Equity capital: 47.920 e Ft

Headcount: 25 Fő


Selective waste collection systems and street furniture:

EXPO 2000 Hannover, Germany
Frankfurt Airport, Germany
German State Railway (Deutsche Bahn), Germany
Messe Essen, Germany
Arena Köln, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Our German partners in this field:
CBV Gmbh, Bad Soden, és AUWEKOGmbH Neu-Isenburg, Germany
Public spaces in Budapest, Szombathely, Dombóvár, Tamási, and Bonyhád
PANNON GSM office building, Budapest
Széchenyi Square, Győr – street furniture

Interior decoration:

WestEnd City Center: pillar covers
WestEnd City Center: shop fronts
Bonyhád Town Hall: railings
Stadler - VOSZK Kft, Hidas: staircase components and railings
OTP Bank branch, Pécs: railings
Underground renovation and coverings

Small breweries:

Venis Shpk, Tirana, Albania
Aran Shpk, Durres, Albania
URAL Ltd, Chelyabinsk, Russia
Kárpát Ltd, Irshava, Ukraine
András Ignácz, Sátoraljaújhely

Brewery units (fermentation tanks, digester houses), and pressure regulator tanks:

KL Mechanische Werkstatte, Landsberg, Germany
Ottobrau GmbH, Ottobrauen, Germany
AS-Apparatebau Gmbh, Waakirchen, Germany

Viticulture and grape processing machines, and winemaking tanks:
HORKER Kft., Koroncó
CLEMENS Co.-GmbH, Wittlich, Germany
ERO Geratenbau GmbH Niederkumbd, Germany

Pharmaceutical equipment:

CHINOIN Rt, Budapest

Metal structures:

BÖHM Trading GmbH, Steyr, Austria