Ipari és Kereskedelmi Kft

7150 Bonyhád
Perczel u. 133.

telephone: + 36 74/550-560
fax:       + 36 74/550-569



Bonyhád Agricultural Machine Manufacturing Company
Established: 1986

Tax Reference:

Company Number:
17 09-001579

Equity capital: 47.920 e Ft

Headcount: 25 Fő


We offer services and products in the fields of machine manufacturing and metalworking.

Relying on our several decades of experience in working on stainless (inox) materials, we continuously develop our manufacturing technology and range of products.

Our product range includes custom-made and serially produced appliances for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Our newly developed street furniture and advertising displays are popular choices among local governments, in the public sector, and advertising companies, both in Hungary and abroad.

The appearance of stainless steel in interior design meant both new challenges and new possibilities for us. We have contributed to large-scale projects (WestEnd City Center, renovation of the underground) and smaller jobs (redecoration of banks and local government offices).  

As for traditional carbon steel, our machines are capable of working sheet metal up to 10 mm thick, and of manufacturing large steel structures. Our production is mostly export-oriented and we rely on returning customers: a testimony to the satisfaction of our clientele.  

For more information, please explore our website. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.      
          Futár Rajmund
       Managing Director